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Inspection and follow-up

Replace paper formats with Wahhu app

Wahhu automates worksite inspections, generating realtime information of worsite statusr and imperfections found, generating mobile notifications to every contractor responsible for fixing those imperfections.

Possesion and warranties

Enhance communication and follow-up of after-sales warranties

Wahhu allows owners and constructors to have a bi-directional and exclusive communication channel, improving feedback for the costumer, and internal control of warranties.

Internal communication

Use tools to improve communication of the team members in the worksite

Wahhu improves communications and meetings, digitalizing all tasks of the team members and committee minutes; this way all team members have access to personal tasks, and when they have to do them.


A dynamic and easy

Inspection and Follow-up


1. Management reports

  • Execution and work progress reports.
  • Work progress by contractor, project, stage/tower/floor, unit (apartament, house, office), common zones and others.
  • List of imperfections per contractors, process or unit.

2. Worksite inspections

  • Inspections done with the app.
  • Imperfections listed in the app and signed to contractors.
  • Online and mobile notifications to contractors.

3. Personalization

  • Configuration of project according to its unique characteristics.
  • Modification of units to suit design characteristics.

Posession and aftersales


1. Warranties management

  • Creation of after-sales requests (owners).
  • Generation of the diagnosis reports.
  • Analysis of the status of each request.
  • Assignment of requests to contractors.
  • Analysis of causes and costs of after-sales repairs.
  • Generation of KPI.

2. Possesion schedule

  • Possesion dates and priorities.
  • Possession history.

3. Owners possesion

  • Revision of every element with the owner.
  • Digital signature of the owner.
  • Generation of possession records.

Internal communication


1. Committee Minutes

  • Creation of committees and meeting.
  • Revision of previous committee minutes and pending tasks.
  • AAssignment of task to team members.
  • Late task alerts.
  • Generation of committee minutes in PDF format

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